Is our image of Jesus wrong?

No I before I get more hate mail than Westboro Baptist I am saying the physical image not his ideology or anything of that nature. I am NOT anti-Christian. This our just my thoughts and feelings. You have just had a disclaimer.

I realized this on the toilet after Forestry when the day before in World History we were discussing Zoroastrianism. We were given a picture of Zoroaster and asked who it was. I ruled out Jesus for reasons but subconsciously said “he’s too Middle-Eastern.” The Western world paints a picture of a caucasian Jesus with long hair and a goatee. But Jesus was born in the Middle-East. Wait, how the hell is he white when his mortal ancestral heritage is Middle-Eastern.  So are our churches giving us a historically incorrect image our the Messiah? Well yes unfortunately I think so. This got me thinking, what about other Bible characters? They also fall in the same category as Jesus. Think about it, what do you see when you hear Moses, Peter, Mary and Jonah? Caucasian. This is simply because of our Western oriented culture unfortunately. Those are just my thoughts and feelings as I’d love to know opinion on the matter of Jesus’ ethnicity and race so leave a comment, response article (send me link) or shoot me and email at Thanks!


Courage the Cowardly Dog-Part 1

In my opening article I’d like to give you part one of a trilogy over what is probably my all time favorite fiction, cartoon and maybe even show of all time. This article is all off my thoughts and feelings toward to, what in my mind, is a legendary show.

I don’t remember the first time I watched Courage the Cowardly Dog but it was around 2001 (I was born in 1999). My reaction was love at first sight but it didn’t sit too well with my mother as at first she tried to censor it from me but within a couple of months I was watching it regularly (looking back my mother somewhat regrets this). I watched Courage my entire childhood mostly through reruns as I doubt I watched new episodes at release. Courage has shaped me in many ways into what I am today.  I do believe (despite what my mother told me) the show did scare me once. As a child I had a fear of Egyptian mummies and I think that is from the episode that left minor emotional scars. King Rammus’ Curse. This is the only episode (I bet I’d seen them all by eight!) that I remember giving me the creeps. Also with the horror like aspect of the show I think is why I have such a high tolerance of creepy content. I think Courage also gave me a quirky look at life. I say this because most kids grew up watching Disney and Nickelodeon but I only watched Nick for Spongebob and only occasionally. I grew up on a butt load of Cartoon Network and Star Wars. In fact out of most of my class only me and a handful of my friends watched ONLY Cartoon Network. This makes me wonder about the childhoods of the people who founded CN compared to Disney and Nick. Shoot I’m getting off topic, that may be a story for a different time. Well I think I’ll end part one of my Courage the Cowardly Dog trilogy. Tune in for part two coming soon. And as always that’s for reading and have a nerdy day.